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˙ūTransitive :  

o : bo : duttu = biting


kurru duttu = cooking

Past Incomplete

10. / su/ is added to the past form of the verb to express the

incompleation of the action. All the verbs, duplicative

or non duplicative; transitive or intransitive take the same


Eg. : ludo : gu su = having laughed

pi : g : su = having come

zu : wo: su= having seen

kurro : su = having cooked


11. As the expression of ability implies the future sense also  

the future tense suffix is added on to the suffix, expressing


verb + ability + future suffix.

u:y+go:g-flo:w = can go

ludo : go : g lo: w = can laugh

kurru gog lo: w = can cook

11.1. To express inability / ago : ga/ is added to the verb and the

future suffix is not added to it.

verb -f inability

u : y ago : ga = cannot go

ludo : ago : ga = can not laugh.